Why LED Wall Banner advertisement?

Why choose LED Wall Banner to ads campaign? Owning high brightness LED displays of giant outdoor.

Here we recommend modern intelligent LED technology display systems, developed especially for outdoor bright light conditions, assuring an excellent picture quality LED walls (video walls) mainly for mass outdoor events like activities, leasing, campaign and concert etc.

Next to its “ordinary” usage at outdoor events, they are also an efficient marketing tool for communication in public places. Increasingly popular they “giant city billboard” and sport perimeter display function.

By their usage the viewing distance is depending on their individual makings (pixel pitch). This means that we need minimum 5 to 25 meters between the LED wall banner and the auditorium to see the picture clear.

Let’s say why choose led wall banner to ads campaign?

LED Wall banners advertising continues to gain a quality method of expressing a message and has become increasingly popular due to 24 hours per day exposure.

The strong side of the outdoor advertising is its mass character and that like no other media allows advertisers to reach such mass audiences of their customers’ market segments.

LED Wall Banner advertisement

Advertisers hold various high-impactful allowing your message to reach out to thousands of people on a daily basis and offering you limitless possibilities for the design for your campaign.

Why LED Wall Banner advertisement?

● Brand awareness and strong name recognition

● Reaches out to thousands of people on a daily basis

● Targets a specific audience according to location

● Messages are delivered continuously and frequently

● Directs potential clients and customers to your place of business..

● Wall banner advertising makes it possible for you to advertise your products and services anywhere.

Because of the different size, function and field of usage LED wall banner represents different price category than indoor projectors. Want to learn more about led wall banner, you can follow our facebook.