Warranty Terms We Have

This document is become effective between OColour and the distributor or ender users which had purchased OColour LED tech products. We provide provision of warranty to the following conditions:

1. Spare Parts Warranty:
Each order, OColour will provide 0.3%-3% spare parts to the customers for immideately local service, such as, power supply units, fans, modules, cables, plastic covers, led lamps and so on.

2.  Whole body warranty:
a. The buyer receives a limited 2 year to 3 years whole body warranty according to the sign quality rank they bought. An extended 2 year whole body warranty can be received upon completion of the extended warranty form.
b. Due to extraordinary weather conditions such as: hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, earthquake or such in that matter or damage caused due to misuse, abuse or unsafe electrical conditions of the product.
c. During the warranty time, factory free to maintanence or change the display parts, the exchange of parts, and not the exchange of the entire product. The freight cost from shenzhen to destination will be charge by factory.

3. Labor Service:
a .OColour will provide service such like engineer trainning, and location guidence installation.
b .All the displays before shipping will under the strict testing to ensure all the displays delivery are reliable. Other speical requests about the warranty can be discussed.