The simple analysis: the influence of led lamp beads

The LED lamp beads as a vital material for the LED Display Screens, that is to say, the quality of LED lamp beads play an important role for the LED Display screens.

Firstly, the large quantity of LED lamp beads have been used in full color LED Display Screens, even owns thousands of LED lamp beads for each square meters.

As we all know, the performance, colorific saturation and definition for LED Display Screens is up to the LED lamp beads.

The main important indicator for the LED lamp beads as follows:

The brightness for the LED Display Screens

The brightness of LED Display Screens is up to the LED lamp beads’, the brightness for LED lamp beads is higher, the using of current allowance would be lower, which take the full advantage of lower power consumption and the reliability performance of LED lamp beads. LED lamp beads divide differed angle value, the smaller of angle value, the higher of brightness, the shorter of viewing angle for LED Display Screens. Generally speaking, the angle value between 100°-110° would guarantee the viewing angle for the LED Display Screens.

The failure rate of full color LED Display Screens.

The LED Display Screens consist of hundreds of thousands of R, G, B led lamp beads. The failure rate of LED lamp beads would not exceed one in a million even after testing 72hrs.

Fading characteristics of full color LED Display Screens.

Along with the time we use the LED lamp beads, the brightness would decline obviously. The fading of brightness of LED lamp beads connect with LED chips, supplemental materials and encapsulation technology. Generally, after the testing with 1000hrs, 20mA normal temperature, the fading of red led lamp bead would less than 7%, Blue and green less than 10%, the uniformity of fading for the R, G, B led lamp beads would effected the white balance, the quality of images of LED Display Screens as well.

Anti-static performance for LED Display Screens

As for LED lamp beads belong to semiconductor device, with sensitive for the statics. Meanwhile, the anti-static is vital for the lifetime of LED Display Screen. In a general way, the LED lamp beads static testing failure voltage would less than 2000V.