The Maintainance Flow of LED display

A、Control system

1. The whole screen is black or appears pane picture

• PC is on or off.

• The UTP line correctly connected.

• Sending cards is well inserted.

• Data line between display cards and control cards well connected.

• Receiving cards JP1 or JP2 is incorrect turn on the CPU.

• Insert the UPT line.

• Re-insert sending cards.

• Connect the data line between display cards control cards and sending cards.

• Adjust the switch between JP1 and JP2.

• Computer display is protected or not, the display show black or blue.

2. Every time when you start up the LED studio, it prompts no signals from the control system

• The line isn’t connected or the com is ruined. Connect the data line or change the computer.

3. If the whole screen last lightened, please check the settings about the studio

• Start-up the LED studio and debug it, then set up of hardware or system.

4. The whole picture shakes or appears superposed picture please check the UTP line between computer and screen

• Check the line between display cards and sending cards.

• Ruin of sending cards. Reinsert the UTP or fix the DVI line, then change the sending cards.


1 .PCB module is not lightened

• Several PCB can’ be lightened horizontal line, please check if the connection between the normal PCB and abnormal PCB is well connected.

• Or the IC 245 is working regularly.

• Several PCB is not lightened in vertical line. Please check if the power works in order.

• If it were supply +5v or the GND were supply +5v.

• +5vto GND is in short circuit.

2. One line of PCB or the relevant the module isn’t show regularly

• Check the modules of relevant pin have empty jointing.

• Check if the resistance of signal line has empty jointing.

3. There are two line lightened at the same time. (One of it shows regularly, another last lightened)

• Check if the two concerned lines are in short circuit.

4. The upper or nether of red and green light isn’t lightened or showed regularly. PCB is short of color

• Check if there is data transferred from 245 R.G B.

• Check if output pin of normal 595 and abnormal input pin of 595 were connected well.

• Check the pin of input is regularly or GND and +5 V is in short circuit.