The main points for the good quality LED Displays

Expanding the supplying market for the expansion of market needs in LED Display Screens, nowadays, thousands of manufactures of LED Display have been launched, people would prepared to be dazzled by various LED Display and LED Screen products. But how to distinguish the good quality led display products? OColour makes the following details:

Brightness and viewing angle

LED Display and LED Screen would work only the brightness more than 800cd/m2 for indoor, and 1500cd/m2 for outdoor, otherwise, images or videos can be visible for the lower brightness. The brightness is up to the LED chips, obviously, LED chips plays vital role for good LED Displays. What’s more, led display’s crowding distance also up to the viewing angle. The distance of viewing angle is determined by LED chip encapsulation, so as we can see, the brightness and viewing angle is great importance for the led displays.


The flatness of LED digital display is under ±1mm, so as to ensure the pictures or videos can be normally display, in some certain, the viewing angle could not be visible because of out-of-flatness, however, processing technology play an important role for the flatness, the flatness reflect the quality of led display and the skilled and optimized for the processing technology.

The uniformity of the color

The reproduction of the color shows the color which display should be unanimous with the originals’

Grey level and Refresh rate

There have high demand of the grey level and refresh rate for Stage rental LED Display Screens. Color-barrier means that there has obvious aberration between the neighbouring modules, for this aberration phenomenon, we can know that the bad control system, lower grey level and refresh rate.

White balance effects

White balance effect is one of the important targets for the led display. In chromatics, it would display the pure white when R, G, B is 1:4.6:0.16, white balance deflection would occur when the ratio is offset. White balance is determined by control system, meanwhile, led chip as well.

From the above five opinions, you may have ideas how to choose LED Display Screens. OColour executes the strict steps from R&D to components, material selection, and processing.