The advantages of Outdoor SMD LED display

Along with the high quality demands of LED Display for the advertiser, media or even audience’s visual demands, and with the increase demand of viewing and the development of LED display technology, the superior display effects of SMD encapsulation products walking towards outdoor and become popular. However, the tendency comes up with many quality problems before it totally spread that arouse a huge discussion among people. We are going to talk about whether SMD encapsulation products can replace direct plug-in light and apply in outdoor LED display or there are any technical trouble that corporation have to overcome.

The advantages of outdoor SMD LED display apply in a large number of fields such as commercial, stage, public information display, sports and traffic equipment and so forth. The operation environment of LED display include outdoor, indoor and semi-outdoor. Sort the displays type by color they can be divided into monochrome, Bi-color and full color. According to the devices they include digital dot matrix screen, direct plug-in LED screen and SMD LED screen.

Few years ago, outdoor LED display nearly all use red, green and blue oval direct plug-in LED devices. Recent years, pixel pitch from 6mm to 16mm outdoor full color SMD LED display is developing gradually and apply widespread.

Compared to direct plug-in light SMD LED screen has more advantages.

First, large viewing angle. Outdoor SMD full color screen is not only has large viewing angle of 110。On horizontal but also vertical,which has special strengths on some place like building display, LED display requires larger viewing angle to display better commercial effect when hanging on upper air.

Second, superior grading. It’s a very difficult index that in different angle the three brightness oval red, green and blue LED matching consistently. But because of three-in-one design structure of full color SMD. The red, green and blue chips are all in stents bowl so in different angle red, green and blue brightness have very high consistency, which makes outdoor full color SMD LED display’s brightness has superior consistency in any angle making the color more exquisite.

Third, good brightness mixture. Because of the three-in-one design those three chips get quite close, they mix brightness in the same stents bowl not in three depart oval LED. So the red, green and blue light has better brightness mixture than direct plug-in oval screen which is especially suitable for close range viewing.

Fourth, high contrast ratio. The three-in-one design make the full color SMD has small size that it’s shining area is small and the black area is large improving the LED display contrast ratio.

Fifth, automatic manufacture.SMD LED can be manufactured automatically and its circuit design of module can realize the two-in one of light board and driving board, which cuts costs and improves reliability and production efficiency.

Besides, automatic SMD manufacture can increase the vertical accuracy of SMD on circuit board conquering the vertical accuracy problem oval direct plug-in light has on circuit board so it guarantees better optical effect..

Sixth, light cabinet. The aluminum alloy cabinet is very light, not only beautiful but smooth, not easy deformation and convenient assemble which is suitable for rental/leasing company, vehicle display and mobile media. Upright and wall installation reduce the pressure that screen to steel structure.

Seventh, no epoxy potting compound. Common outdoor screen module rubber will gradually aging by exposing to the sun and rain and ultraviolet rays. The rubber will crack and shed after its features changed. So the circuit and LED will lose productive covering or even can’t be waterproof after long time of expand with heat and contract with cold and the glue will come into screen through gap, which will corrode PCB and influence the whole screen’s longevity and stability. If SMD adopts outdoor three-in-one epoxy potting compound technology the consequence will even worse by the short lamp base as well as thin epoxy potting compound.

At one time because SMD LED has limited brightness and its waterproof, moisture-proof and UV-proof is not suitable for outdoor environment so full SMD LED display all use direct plug-in LED devices. Full color SMD LED display can only be applied in indoor. With the development of LED chips and LED encapsulation technology, the brightness and protection level of SMD already can meet the needs of outdoor application and gain fast application.