P20mm LED Message Sign Q-OS204T

P20mm LED Message Sign Q-OS204T
Module: Q-OS204T
Pixel Pitch: 20mm
Module Size: L320×H160×34mm
Pixel Density: 2500dots/m²
Pixel Configuration: 4Y\4R\ (DIP546)
Display Resolution: 16×8=128dots
Driving Device: MBI5024
Module Port: HUB 08
Working Voltage: 5V

Description: Outdoor Single Color LED Display with P20mm

High refresh rate
color uniformity
long lifetime
easy to install and dismantle
IP rating with the back IP43, the front IP65

Product Specification

Module technical parameters:

  • Pixel pitch: 20mm
    Module size: L320×H160×34mm
    Physical density: 2500dots/m²
    Pixel configuration: 4Y\4R\ (DIP546)
    Driving method: Constant current static duty
    Display resolution: 16×8=128dots
    Driving device: MBI5024
    Module port: HUB 08
  • Working voltage: 5V
    Module consumption: 15W
    Viewing angle: H110 V50
    Equilibrium brightness: ≥3500 CD/ m²
    Colour temperature: 6500K-9500K
    Gray scale/color: ≥16.7M color
    Every square metre module: 19.53pcs
    Module weight: 0.87kg

Display technical parameters:

  • Option distance: 20-160M
    Maximum power: 300 W/ m²
    Frame Frequency: ≥60 HZ/S
    Refresh frequency: ≥400 HZ/S
    Working environment temperature: -20~600C
    Working environment humidity: 10%~90% RH
    Input signal: RF\ S-Video\ RGB etc
  • Control system: PCTV nonlinearity card + DVI display card + Linsn control system
    Steel box size: L1280×H960×140mm
    Life: 100000 HOURS
    Display working voltage: AC46~54HZ, 220V±15%/110V±15%
    Steel box weight: 50 KG/ m² (standard steel box)
    IP rating: The back IP43, The front IP65