P16mm LED Message Sign Q-OD16PS

P16mm LED Message Sign Q-OD16PS
Module: Q-OD16PS
Pixel Pitch: 16mm
Module Size: 256×128mm
Pixel Density: 3906dots/m²
Pixel Configuration: 2R 1G
Module Resolution: 16×8=128dots
LED Type: DIP 546
Cabinet Dimension: 1280×960(mm)
Cabinet Weight: 48kg

Description: Outdoor Dual Color LED Display with P16mm

color uniformity
long lifetime
easy to install and dismantle

Product Specification

  • Pixel Pitch: 16mm
    Pixel Density: 3906(dots/m²)
    Pixel Configuration: 2R 1G
    LED type: DIP 546
    Module Dimension: 256×128(mm)
    Module Resolution: 16×8(dots)
    Optimum Viewing Distance: 16m
    Brightness: 3000 nits
    Viewing Angle - Horizontal: 120 deg.(+60/-60)
    Viewing Angle – Vertical: 60 deg.(+30/-30)
    Scan Mode: 1/4 duty scan drive
    Input Power(Max/Avg): 300/80(W/m²)
    Cabinet Dimension: 1280×960(mm)
  • Cabinet Weight(Kg): 48kg
    Brightness Control: 8 Levels
    Frame Rate: 60 Hertz
    Display Refresh Rate: ≥120 Hertz
    Input Voltage: 110 V to 240V(AC), 50 to 60 Hz
    Lifespan(50% Brightness): =100000(Hours)
    Module Brightness Uniformity: <5%
    Blind Spot Rate: <0.0001
    Data Connection: CAT5 cable or Fiber
    Operating System: Windows(98/2000/XP/Vista/7)
    Control Distance: CAT5
    Cable: 130 meters
    Single Fiber: Up To 15 Kilometers