Outdoor Advertising LED Display---AD Series

Short view

Outdoor LED Display is mainly used in advertising service, OColour named outdoor advertising led display, short for AD Series. AD series products divide DIP and SMD according to different LED lamp type.

No.1: Outdoor DIP which adopts 546 and 346 LED lamp.

Can reach 1R1G1B, 2R1G1B real pixel and 2R1G1B virtual pixel display mode, with high brightness, strong waterproof, large size and suitable for different outdoor environment features.

AD series DIP featured products:

P10mm: AD-10D P12mm: AD-12D P16mm: AD-16D P20mm: AD-20D P25mm: AD-25D

NO.2: Outdoor SMD which adopts SMT5050 and 3535 led lamp with high brightness and waterproof, large angle, uniformity and high contrast.

AD series SMD featured products:

P6mm: AD-6S P8mm: AD-8S P10mm: AD-10S


Financial, stadium, advertising, traffic, education system, station, airport, commercial shopping mall, hospital, hotel, bank and stock market


Energy-saving, long life time, weather ability

Control method, performance

Display performance

Control system connection mode

Outdoor Advertising LED Display---AD Series

Installation Types

Outdoor Advertising LED Display---AD Series