Obviation of system malfuntion


First step

Please check if the display cards was well intercalated, help yourself to copy the file in CD.

Second step

Please check the basic connection of system, such as DVI line, interface faucet is correct, connection of controller card and insert through, serial interface line, there is cutline of connection method, please read it carefully.

Third step

Please check the computer and LED power system accord with usage.

If LED screen lacks of power, it will cause the picture glitter, please supply the proper power.

Forth step

Check the sending cards are glitter regularly.

Glitter please turn to the sixth step, glitter, please check the connection of DVI line were connected.

connect the DVI line correctly, if we can’t solve it, those of sending cards, display cards. DVI line may have malfunctions. Please change it and follow the third step.

Fifth step

When install the settings please follow the instruction until the sending cards work regularly.

Otherwise follow the third step.

Sixth step

Please check the receiving cards, if the green light glittered synchronously, please follow the 8th step and check.

if the red light is on , if the light is on ,please check the yellow light is on .If it is off ,please check the voltage is 5 v. If it is so, tear down the HUB card and drop-out line, and try again .If it is still can’t work regularly, please check with the receiving cards.

Seventh step

Please check if the network cable connect correctly .(use the standard UTP. If there is no repeaters please prepare 100 meters long UTP)

Check if network cable install correctly. If it isn’t work in order, there is something wrong with the receiving cards. Follow the sixth step.

Eighth step

Check the power light is on, if it is off, please check the HUB interface is match as the PCB.

Note: The whole display connects correctly, there may be still no pictures, as the UTP RJ45 interface isn’t fastened or the power of receiving card didn’t connect correctly. Please insert the UTP or connect, The receiving card power. (Attention of the direction)