Malfuntion and resolution of LED module

A. Problem: the whole LED display glitter;

Reason: ill tangency.

Resolution: Where become flexible should be newly riveted or inserted in.

B. Problem: Display is dullish;

Reason: Tab of LED voltage is different from power.

Resolution: Insure the coherence.

C. Problem: Partial light of LED is died;

Reason: 1. Insert direction is incorrect;

2. Power output connection is incorrect;

3. Power supply line connected on the contrary.

Resolution: 1. Tear down, reconnected correctly;

2. Insure red line connected with anode, black line with cathode;

3. Clear out the wrongly connected circuit, and reconnect it.

D. Problem: Display died out

Reason: 1. Dose not put through the power supply;

2. Power output connection wrongly connected.

Resolution: 1. Power supply

2. The connection with anode and cathode should be correct.