Learning how to choose great contents for LED Screens

We've been obsessed with finding ways to help people consistently design great digital signage content for a while now. Between the hundreds (thousands?) of hours of research conducted, dozens of articles written. Then, how to program the content for the LED Screens?

Content for LED electronic display should be balanced. It should not be so complex or so creative that it drowns out the brand altogether, on the other hand, it must not appear so simple that it is devoid of all sophistication. The answer lies in content being created that lies somewhere between complexity and simplicity. Finding the right balance is the key.

Learning how to choose great contents for LED Screens
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There must always be content on LED screens which is useful in some way, arouses curiosity, and is fresh and updated. When content is updated constantly, people will tend to look at the screens more often. If the outdoor LED screen runs only advertisements, the target audience will quickly tire of it and may cease looking at the screen. It is a good idea to incorporate stock-exchange updates, the news, sports and the weather forecast into the programming, so that there is constantly some fresh content to look at. Even displaying updated temperature, a fact of the day or quote of the day will get people curious about what the next display is going to be about. In all probability, if your content is strong enough or thought-proving enough, people will begin commenting about your content and will be looking forward to the next update. This serves the purpose of advertising, which is to have as many people as possible look at your screen.

Another important point is pay attention to is design. To begin with, ensure that you have a good advertisement designer who knows what he is doing. He should have some experience at designing, and should know instinctively what will work on digital signage. You should also encourage your designer to look at the advertisements as they appear on your screens, so that he or she will have a good idea about how the viewer will perceive it. Duration of the advertisement is another factor to be borne in mind. Ideally, advertisements should not be so long that people will see the beginning but not the end as they move past.

Learning how to choose great contents for LED Screens
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For outdoor LED screens , duration should be limited to a maximum of 10 to 15 seconds.

Advertisement being broadcast indoors, where people may have more time to view them may extend a little bit more than this.

Finally, ensure that the format of the letters used is big. Each letter being a quarter of the screen size is most probably a good idea. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what looks good on your computer will look good on your LED Screen .

That is to say, keep your text simple and clear. More contrast between foreground and background is a good thing. A minor change like increasing the contrast by 10% can make the content easier to read, and recognizable to a much larger audience.

Remember, try to describe the creative ideas before design the content not only for the text (color, contrast, type etc) but also for the video display. Finding the good designer is the beginning of the high ROI.