Indoor HD LED Display---HD Series

Short view

Indoor LED Display with small pixel pitch, high density, large angle and HD images. OColour named indoor HD LED Display----short for HD Series

OColour HD series featured products:HD-3 HD-4 HD-5 HD-6 HD-7.62

HD full color led display, adopting SMT2121 and SMD 3528, which is used widely in indoor led display. Three primary colors (Red, Green, Blue) are placed in rubber matrix to form single pixel.

Main futures:


Financial, stadium, advertising, traffic, education system, station, airport, commercial shopping mall, hospital, hotel, bank and stock market


A、Energy-saving, long life time, weather ability

B 、Control method, performance

C、Display performance

Control system connection mode

Indoor HD LED Display---HD Series


Indoor HD LED Display---HD Series