Traditional printed signs are now adopting digital signage

Why adopt digital led sign?

Let's consider the idea that Digital Signage is not needed or not helpful to business. This is a difficult excuse to overcome because there are so many applications for LED digital signage, each with its own benefits. This notion is a typical first reaction, but with a little knowledge and experience it quickly fades away. Sure it's not right for everyone, but with a little careful deliberation you will find it to be a very flexible solution for you to offer alongside your current signage services. Your key to success will be to leverage what you already know about led sign making, add on the ability to integrate l led digital signage, and the result will be your capacity to deliver the best solutions to your customers.

Traditional printed signs are now adopting digital signage
Outdoor led digital signage by digitalsignage today

Now let's compare what a Digital LED Sign can do.

In this example, the customers a greeted with eye catching graphics. Customers have an idea of what they are going to get when they order it and as such they are more likely to consider all of the menu options. This sign attracts attention, increases product awareness and will more than likely lift sales. Even if this is a high volume store with many regulars, there is plenty of room to up sell when you have the most powerful in-store marketing tool available. This is the power of led digital signage and it is something definitely worth your consideration.

Traditional printed signs are now adopting digital signage
Outdoor led digital signage by Idola

Let’s take a look a statics analysis for outdoor digital led signage

A 2011 study by Markets and Markets Analysis and Global Industry Analysts estimated that the global digital signage systems market would reach $13.2 billion by 2016. Researchers said a retail boom in countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and India would help the lead the way. The United States is the largest regional market worldwide; Asia-Pacific the fastest-growing. The growth rate is determined by manufacturing indices and sales of public screens. Only in the USA, from 3 million in 2013 this figure keeps moving up and by 2018 is conservatively estimated to reach 12 million.

The analysts agree that the future of advertising is in the digital format. But when will this future finally arrive? The Out of Home market sector currently sits on a launch pad. New applications appear, the prices for video screens drop regularly, digital led signage advertising becomes affordable for small business.