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AD-DIP serial products, Using mature technical traditional  DIP lamp, powerful heat dispersion ,high brightness and good consistency,showing vivid video. The selection of excellent IC and controlling system of OColour can guarantee the exquisite high refreshing and high gray scale displaying effects. Minimum viewing distance is about 25m.

Customized front / rear module, saves your time and labor costs on maintenance. The careful  raw material selection of OColour ensure the product reliability, stability and longevity.

Parameter AD-25D
LED  lamp DIP 346 or 546
Pixel pitch (mm) 25
Pixel density(pixel/sq.m) 1600
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B / 2R1G1B  real pixel or virtual pixel
Driving mode  static state
Module size (mm,wxh) 400*200
Resolution(WxH) 16*8
Viewing angle(° ) Horizontal110°   Vertical60°  
Optimum viweing distance(m) 25+
Gray class (bit) 16
Brightness (cd/m2) ≥5000
Refresh rate(hz) ≥10000
Power supply 5V,DC
Lifespan(hrs) 100,000>lifespan>40,000
Parameters: AD-25D
Cabinet size(mm, wxh): 1200*1200
remarks:can be customized
Cabinet resolution(wxh): 48*48
Cabinet material: Metal/Aluminum
Colors: Black/computer grey /Sony grey
Maintenance mode: front/rear maintain
Protection level: IP65
Cabinet power supply: 110-220V(±10%),AC, 50hz/60hz
Power consumption(w): Max450w/sqm
Avg150 w/sqm
Working temperature( ℃ ): -30~50
Storing temperature( ℃ ): -40~80
Evaluated weight(kg/m2): Fe: 65 Al: 50
Communicate signal: UTP-five twisted-pair
(network cable)