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COB packaging has gradually matured in the field of LED display applications, especially in the field of outdoor small pitch with its unique technological advantages have emerged, has now exceeded the outdoor P3.0 level, and in the near future to break through the outdoor P2.0 level is inevitable . So what is the COB packaging technology? Why is it so impressive to see the emergence of an Egyptian? Where is its technical advantage? What are the application prospects of future COB products?

I. What is COB packaging?
COB package in English is called Chip On Board, literal translation is the chip on the board. as the picture shows: Transparent led Display In the field of LED display technology, the COB packaging process is to fix LED bare die with conductive adhesive or insulating adhesive on the pad of the PCB's lamp position, and then use ultrasonic welding technology to conduct lead bonding of the LED chip, and finally use epoxy. The resin glue encapsulates the lamp position and protects the LED light-emitting chip.
II. The difference between COB packaging process and DIP and SMD packaging process
The DIP and SMD packaging processes are no different from COB encapsulation in terms of die bonding wires. The biggest difference is in the use of red brackets. As we all know, the bracket has four solder legs that need to be soldered to the PCB board by SMT. Therefore, the biggest difference between the COB packaging process and the DIP and SMD packaging process is the elimination of a lamp surface over-reflow soldering process.

Item OC-COB-P3.91x7.82
Pixel pitch 3.91x7.82mm
Pixel density 8192 pixels per panel
Led configuration 1R1G1B
Panel resolution 128x64 pixels
Panel size 500(H)×500(W)× 70(D)
Panel weight 3.5kG/panel
White balance 5500nits
max power consumption(W/panel; W/sq.m) 168;672
ave power consumption(W/panel; W/sq.m) 67;269
Power requirements AC90~264V
Viewing angle(Horizontal / vertical°) ≥170/170
Lifespan(hrs) more than 50000 hrs
Working temperature -20 – 55 / 10%-90%RH
Change frame frequency(Hz) 50&60
Protection level IP65
Scan mode 1/8 scan