Single, Multi-Color and Full Color Led Displays

There is a significant difference between single color or multi-color text and full color led displays. Consequently, the text based led displays are of limited use and costs and constitute consumable product with little or no investment value. On the other hand, full color, full featured led displays are used for large screens which must deliver value and / or income to their owners

As a result, Ocolour has produced this handbook primarily dedicated to information on full color led products and technologies.

Full Color Video Led Signs and Your Business

Ocolour full color RGB led signs are the latest breakthrough development in on-premise advertising and virtual selling.

Ocolour full color led signs give you the ability to advertise your products and services using graphics, text, images or video right in front of your business where thousands of people pass by every single day.

You have heard the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Ocolour full color led systems give you the ability to communicate with imagery – the most powerful form of communication in the world and soon to sell to your customers rather than just informing the market and your competitor.

Unlike monochrome led signs that only use one color of led light, Ocolour led systems utilize three different colors of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The three colors used are RED, GREEN and BLUE. Each individual led can be operated at different intensity levels to create over 500 trillion colors of light.

For example, a 4’x8‘ full color-led sign will typically cost double that of a 4’ x 8’ monochrome led sign. In addition to using three different colors of leds to create the wide array of color, the leds in a full color led display must be positioned much closer together.

Moving the leds together closer means more leds must be used in a full color led sign than in a monochrome led sign. The use of additional leds also contributes to the increase cost over the price of single and dual color signs. However, the Ocolour patented technologies and volume production significantly reduces the development and production costs while improving the revenue potential of the full color led systems. Consequently, the Ocolour led displays advantage in many cased has dropped the full color costs to the same or lower levels than many single and multi-color products.

Notices and Checklists

This section includes typical Ocolour led products safety checks and installation checklists.

Safety Notice

1. Please read all instructions before unpacking and using the led products;
2. Keep all manuals and instructions for future reference;
3. Please use only accessories supplied or recommended by the Ocolour led;
4. Ocolour led products use GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) power. Make sure licensed electricians install grounded outlets and wiring as specified for use with Ocolour led;
5. Make sure the product is supplied through a certified and accredited reseller;
6. Make sure the power outlets supply the maximum specified sum of the products;
7. Do not overload circuits and outlets and or wirings;
8. Pay attention to all warning and notes in the manuals;
9. For maintenance and service first turn off the power then call for service;
10. Do not defer scheduled maintenance or service;
11. Prevent water penetration into the cabinets and electronic housings;
12. Maintain all cooling systems and fans in good and running conditions;
13. Avoid leaning ladders into and on the cabinets or striking the equipment;
14. Turn the power off in severe storm and prevent lightening and debris strike or damage;
15. Keep communication and high voltage lines in separate, approved and designated conduits;
16. Avoid lifting cabinets manually during installations or service;
17. Make sure the equipment operations within the safe temperature range specified for proper operation.