Selecting Correct LED Diaplays

Depending on the intended application user needs t consider the following options to build the correct criteria for specifying the Led products?

● Type – Indoor, Outdoor, Semi-outdoor (In metal or aluminum)

● Form and shape – Cabinet, Frame, Die-cast, Curtain, Flat / Curved

● Serviceability – Front or rear / back serviced

● Pitch and size – Pixel / square meter, led brightness, size (W x H)

● Direction – East / West or North / South (brightness control)

● Mode of operation – Synchronous / Asynchronous or both

● Color – Single, Dual or Full color

● Sound – Real time broadcast support

●  System and software – Setup and Contents Management

●  Networked – in coordinated operation with other displays or stand alone.

These and many other factors such as component configuration and power consumption / backup are describe in more details in Appendix 2 of this Handbook. Large Led screens and billboards represent a significant capital investment. As a result, the contents management should be a paramount consideration as the financial results of Led screen operations mostly depends on the proper contents management strategy and systems.