Outdoor Advertising LED Video Billboard-part2

The LED video billboard in its second application was developed in a scaled back form from its spectacular counterpart, and set up as a highway sign that is a 21st century counterpart to its more conventional print billboard. Granted LED electronic billboards are much more expensive and there are still sign code issues to be dealt with, but nevertheless electronic signs are beginning to dot the highways as a forerunner to a continuing presence of electronic and video outdoor advertising. Herewith lies the challenge to LED video billboards; will it be a supplement to work hand-in-hand with print as an outdoor advertising presence? Or is it more a technological wonder with a short life span that eventually defers back to conventional billboards? Or will these LED video billboards maintain enough presence to blossom forth and create inner city and regional advertising networks not unlike a television network with its affiliate station relationships?

In outdoor advertising, LED video billboards are a new ballgame, a pioneering effort of setting up electronic billboard installations as a multiple location advertising system. While print billboard agencies may see electronic as an upstart within their domain, LED video billboards sallies forth with the same pioneering spirit as other earlier entrepreneurs who started experimenting with the horseless carriage and the all new, all 'talking' movie pictures. The emergence of a networked LED billboard system has become a technical possibility, but is limited more by the current overall cost of a single advertising company acquiring a reasonable collection of LED video billboards to create a unified video billboard network. While for the most part electronic billboard networks have yet to happen in many first-tier cities to any degree. Several advertisers have begun the embryonic formation of such networks, and with these systems in place, there is an interest in who has done what and where.

"Most of our advertisers are national companies that are easily recognized brands. The advertisers have already spent millions of dollars on their individual commercials, which are shown on broadcast television. We take their 30 second spots and edit them to 10 or 15 seconds spots. Surprisingly, the client's message usually is stronger."

"Our video spots are each about ten seconds long and we stick them in a loop that runs continuously all day long on each sign. As for display distribution, our advertisers can decide what ads are shown ranging from single video sign coverage to being shown on all four of our signs." As for their effectiveness, one who in AV field said, "all our advertisers have renewed their advertising contracts for the next year."