Outdoor Advertising LED Video Billboard

The LED Video Billboard, while having been around for many years as a functional animated outdoor media format, is still in its infancy as a developing medium of video message billboard for outdoor advertising. As an emerging media system, LED Video Billboard offer a greater flexibility of use than conventional billboards could ever provide. With high brightness, high resolution LEDS, Dynamic images the conventional billboard has been transformed into the perfect high-tech electronic outdoor display medium. Not only the LED electronic billboards full color and large format, but they also have many distinct advantages including displaying animation and in effect showing specialized television commercials outdoors. The electronic signs also act as a multiple message provider, where one sign can show a loop of continuous messages. As for changing its sign message, picture or video, it's as easy as clicking with a mouse button, rather than sending out a crew to pull down and replace a LED billboard.

One of the best features of these LED electronic signs is the possibility of evolving them into a citywide or regional display-advertising network. Here, a series of connected LED video screens could provide everything from a broad-based advertising presence (sign messages on continuous video loops) to a very tightly controlled demographic-specific displays tailored to week morning commutes or mid-afternoon shoppers (depending on sign locations) or special weekend sales announcements presented to a Friday evening home commute.

To date, LED video billboards have matured into two specific applications of use (spectaculars and roadside displays) and its third application (multiple signs as a network system) is just beginning to emerge as a viable outdoor advertising format. In its first and most expensive application, LED video billboards appeared as sign components to the first-tier cities like the bustling commercial street, shopping mall. Meanwhile you can turn in any direction and come face-to-face with three or four LED video spectaculars all at once. In first-tier cites, you may see LED video billboards which surrounding in one super shopping mall and bustling commercial streets.

In many cities, we can see that most LED Video billboards are attached to street side pylons which extend along the Strip upwards of one hundred feet into the air and combine backlit flex face signs with fully lit, full color LED video signs. The use of these signs however is very specialized, it's one client with one hundred per cent utilization of the sign to promote their brand identity or services rendered and that's it.